Why is Wizard’s FREE transmission diagnostic important?

Here at Wizard Transmission we offer a FREE transmission/drivetrain diagnostic scan. This inspection takes about three to four hours to complete but that amount of time allows us to really examine the vehicles transmission. We start off by using a computer to examine the vehicles electrical system for the transmission. Next, we look at the level and condition of the fluid. The vehicle is then taken on a drive by one of our technicians where we do our best to duplicate the customer’s problems. After the vehicle is driven we bring it into the shop and put it on a life. We then drop the transmission pan or take out the inspection plug. This allows us to examine the overall condition of the transmission. Once this is complete we have a better idea of what is going on and can give an accurate estimate for repair. At this point the customer decides whether to come pick up the vehicle, again FREE of charge, or to proceed with the repair.

When deciding on any major automotive repair it is ALWAYS a good idea to start off with some kind of diagnostic scan. Automobiles are very complex machines and a quality diagnostic scan will save you hundreds maybe even thousands in unnecessary repairs.