Dependable Differential Repair

A vehicle’s differential is one of those parts of the car that’s easy to take for granted. Yet, without it, a vehicle couldn’t go very far—unless it only traveled in a straight line.

When your vehicle’s engine sends power to the wheels, the differential enables its wheels to rotate at different speeds, such as when turning corners. It’s simple physics: The outer wheels must turn faster to keep up with the inner wheels. If a differential isn’t doing its job, it can quickly lead to all sorts of problems with the vehicle’s wheels, axles, and transmission.

What to Watch For
Symptoms that may indicate a differential issue can include:

  • Whining or howling coming from the vehicle’s undercarriage when accelerating
  • A whirring noise when slowing down
  • A rumbling feeling or sound when turning corners
  • Odd vibrations during acceleration or turning
  • Uneven wear on the vehicle’s tires
  • Gears grinding

If you notice any of these or similar issues while operating your vehicle, it’s essential to have it checked out before serious, or perhaps more serious, damage occurs.

Free Diagnostic Services
Though differentials have been a part of vehicles more than a century, they are a complex component. That’s why addressing issues yourself is rarely a wise option. The extent of differential repairs necessary depends on how early the problem is diagnosed and corrected. In some cases, it can be as simple as replacing or replenishing the differential oil. If your vehicle needs more extensive repairs, Wizard Transmission has vast experience in performing an accurate diagnosis—at no charge to you—and then making the necessary repairs at a reasonable price.

Soft Overhaul
Differential repair may sound like a major and expensive project, but it doesn’t always turn out to be so. In many situations, a soft overhaul is all that’s needed. Should that be the case, Wizard Transmission will overhaul the differential with a complete bearing kit, which includes replacing shims, axle seals, and bearing.

Complete Overhaul
If a more extensive overhaul is necessary, Wizard Transmission can provide the service necessary to get your vehicle back on the road dependably and affordably. A complete overhaul includes everything that is also part of the soft overhaul—a bearing kit—plus a ring and pinion gear set. If needed, the overhaul would also include a carrier assembly and other supporting parts.

On occasion, re-gearing is necessary when a vehicle has oversized tires. Though larger tires allow the vehicle to travel farther at the same engine RPM—and perhaps improve gas mileage—they can also harm the driveline if the gear doesn’t receive proper adjustments. Re-gearing helps take excessive load off the transmission by lowering the gear ratio. The lower ratio reduces strain on the rest of the driveline. (This is most common on diesel applications.)

No-Worry Warranty
All differential repairs performed by Wizard Transmission carry a two-year, 24,000-mile warranty. Also included is a lifetime of free, annual maintenance service that remains in place as long as you own the vehicle.

Don’t Wait
A vehicle’s differential doesn’t receive nearly the attention of what’s going on in the engine compartment. But the differential is something like the vehicle’s gut. Its health directly affects the rest of the vehicle’s health—including what goes on under the hood, the axles, tires, and elsewhere.

Delaying a proper diagnostic check can have serious consequences on the vehicle’s performance. If you experience any of the common symptoms—whining, howling, whirring, rumbling, vibrations, grinding, or other issues listed above—have your vehicle checked out immediately to see if it requires differential repair. Contact Wizard Transmission to set up your free, thorough diagnostic checkup.