At Wizard Transmission, we service all kinds of cars, making sure you’re back on the road quickly. Four-wheel drive (4WD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) are two different types of transmissions, requiring different types of service.

We offer free diagnostics to help understand what’s happening with your vehicle. Our regular service checks ensure that minor issues are detected early before becoming major problems.

Four-wheel drive systems also known as 4×4 systems, are typically used by trucks and sport utility vehicles for towing and off-road driving. In four-wheel drive vehicles, the drivetrain offers torque to all four wheels allowing the front and rear axles to work at different speeds. This helps improve traction on difficult or slippery surfaces.

All-wheel drive systems are newer technologies used in many different types of cars and trucks today and provide all-weather traction and performance.

Today, some vehicles offer the option of switching between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, depending on road conditions.

Four Wheel Drive (4WD) Repair Services

Here are a few of the most common four-wheel drive problems. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, contact Wizard Transmission and we’ll diagnose and repair your vehicle quickly.

  • An indicator light problem comes on. An indicator light on your dashboard usually means the 4WD system has not engaged properly. It often means that your gear has not shifted fully or properly.
  • Low fluid. Your fluid levels need to be checked regularly to make sure your vehicle runs properly and has an extended operational life.
  • System doesn’t engage.
  • The vehicle shifts between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.
  • The vehicle is stuck in four-wheel drive.
  • It’s difficult to shift gears.
  • You hear a clunking sound or high-pitched whistle near the axle.
  • The vehicle feels sluggish when driven.

All Wheel Drive (AWD) Repair Services

Today’s sophisticated AWD systems include the transaxle, transfer case, rear differential, and anti-lock braking (ABS) system, all of which need to be working properly for the vehicle to operate properly.

All-wheel drive vehicles, unlike four-wheel drive vehicles, keep the differentials between the axles. This lets your wheels respond to changing road conditions.

Here are a few of the common signs that can mean it’s time to make an appointment:

  • You have difficulty shifting gears.
  • You hear chattering or feel vibrations when you accelerate or turn.
  • You hear a clunking sound or high-pitched whistle near the axle.
  • The vehicle feels sluggish when driven.

4-Wheel Drive, All-Wheel Drive and Transfer Case Repairs

Here are a few of the maintenance and repair services offered at Wizard Transmission

  • Lubrication. Checking your lubrication and fluid levels is important. A loss of fluid or lubrication can cause serious damage.
  • Leak Checks. Even a small leak can be catastrophic to these applications and should be checked as soon as noticed. Repairing a minor leak can help prevent a complete rebuild or replacement of the part.
  • Transfer Case. The transfer case takes engine power from the transmission and routes it to the front and rear wheel differentials, either mechanically or electronically. – These units are used in both AWD and 4WD applications. They should be checked for proper application and serviced regularly.
  • Hub Service. Locking hubs on the front wheels are used in 4WD systems to convert them into drive wheels, providing maximum grip and traction in 4WD and improved fuel economy and less tire wear in 2WD mode. Locking hubs should be inspected and serviced regularly.

At Wizard Transmission, we offer a 2-year, 24,000-mile warranty on all AWD and 4WD rebuilds and free annual services as long as you own your vehicle.