When was the last time you serviced your transmission/transaxle?

Transmission/transaxle fluid is like the blood of the transmission. Instead of carrying nutrients it lubricates all of the transmissions moving parts, of which there are thousands! Without proper lubrication the transmission begins to wear on parts of itself. This causes metal shaving to begin to feel the transmission. This turns the fluid from a lubricant into an abrasive. Which in turn begins to chew on the seals and can cause leaks. It also continues to wear down the internal parts of the transmission. A fluid and filter change insures that the fluid is lubing properly and replacing the filter makes sure to keep the metal contamination in the filter and not causing damage by floating in the fluid and further chewing into the internal parts of the transmission.

Call today and schedule a fluid and filter change for your transmission/transaxle. As we head into the winter months getting stuck in the snow is almost inevitable. The forward and reverse rocking motion that helps get your car unstuck from a snow bank is very hard on your transmission. Help insure that it has good lubricant and remove the old contamination with a service before the snow comes! This will help the transmission operate better thus ensuring a longer life for your transmission. Call or email with questions or to make an appointment. Services range from $125 to $275 for synthetic transmission fluid.