Heat Kills

If your vehicle has an automatic transmission then you need an AUXILIARY cooler. What is this? All automatic transmission come with a small built in transmission cooler which is placed inside the radiator. This cooler is rather small and for hot days driving in the mountains or even through the city the transmission fluid temperature heats up considerably. When the transmission fluid becomes too hot varnishes form, seals harden, plates slip, and the seals and clutches burn out. Adding an auxiliary cooler helps insure the transmission temperature stays within a safe range.

An auxiliary cooler is a cooler that can be added on to any vehicle. It is specifically for the transmission and keeping the fluid temperature lower, it is essentially a radiator for the transmission.  Some newer vehicles, especially towing vehicles, already come equipped with an auxiliary cooler but it never hurts to check!

Make an appointment to bring your vehicle in for a FREE auxiliary cooler diagnostic. If your vehicle is not equipped with an auxiliary cooler we will be more than happy to give you a quote.