About Wizard Transmission


1979 – Adam built his first transmission when he was just 15 years old and he went on to build 3 more during his years in high school.

After high school he entered Wyoming Tech. Institute where he completed his college education.

After Wyoming Tech. Institute he worked a short time for Conoco, fixing cars.

Colorado Used Transmissions Soon after he met Joe Cashman in FT. Collins and started removing and replacing transmissions for him. During his school years transmission work seemed very complex, but Joe gave him a whole new perspective and showed him what a fascinating and awesome business transmission replacement really was. Joe made transmission replacement seem easy to understand, and Adam excelled at it. The FT. Collins business was not meant to last though as Joe suffered a terrible robbery, that ended the business in FT. Collins.

Crushing as this blow was, it was only a mere set back as Joe and Adam started a new transmission business in Loveland, CO. This business lasted through two years of a bad economy in the mid 1980’s.

Adam then moved to California and worked for AAMCO for 6 years where he took advantage of completing all certificates necessary, and furthered his knowledge of transmission building.

1991 – Adam comes home to his native Colorado where he worked for A.C. Transmission. He spent his time managing the shop and building transmissions. He also met his wife who had two small children from a previous marriage, and they went on to have two more children.

During this time Adam was also doing small jobs at home to help support his big family, Meanwhile his parents had been trying to persuade Adam to open his own shop and stated that they would help finance this new venture.

1994 – after years of working for other people and on his own out of his house. He opened Wizard Transmission on March, 1, 1994 at 1790 South Broadway, Denver, CO. The shop remained there for two years until it needed a bigger location.

1996 – In January of 1996 Wizard Transmission moved to 50 East Chengo, Denver, CO. Sales continued to sky rocket as Wizard Transmission grew and at the end of 1999 Wizard Transmission, once again, needed much more space.

1999 – Adam purchased his biggest building ever to house his Wizard Transmission business. The property consisted of a front building holding five car bays, and a second building in the back of the property which would be used for the sole purpose of inspecting, rebuilding both automatic and standard transmissions, and transfer cases. In addition, an R.V. (recreations vehicles, motor homes, and motor couches) lift was put in outside the property that would lift over 30,000 LBS. Adam and Wizard transmission has made it there special interest to work on Recreational vehicles as well as all foreign and domestic cars, trucks, SUV’s, and diesels.

Wizard Transmissions continues to grow and break sales records. Adam runs his shop with both honesty and integrity and has many employees that work with the same enthusiasm.


* Automatic and Standards
* Clutches
* Differentials
* CV joints and axles
* Drive axles
* 4×4’s and transfer cases
* Motor homes and diesel work
* Extended warranty work
* 50 years combined experience
* BBB member since 1994
* FREE towing within the Denver Metro area
* FREE quality check
* FREE 27 point inspection and diagnostic scan
* Specializing in high performance transmissions
* Service foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and SUV’s
* We service your automatic as well as standard transmissions
* Reduced and reasonable towing rates outside the Denver Metro area

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